The French are never ones to hold back at Cannes… Remember when the critics booed Sofia Coppola at the Marie Antoinette screening to the point she probably wish she could chop off her own head? Well, former darling Ang Lee, who once wowed with Brokeback Mountain and Lust, got a taste of the other side when his film Taking Woodstock debuted at the festival.

Based around the Altamont music festival, the director announced in a news conference that he wanted to present “a romantic image of the late ’60s, the last piece of innocence we had.” The critics had other ideas though; The Telegraph described the flick as “almost too sweet for its own good, tasteful rather than transcendental”, while Daily Variety called it “mild nostalgia at most, a curiously unambitious misfire.”

Make your own mind up; the latest trailer is now up…

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