Wondering what was going to happen to the Daredevil reboot that’s been in the works for some time? Don’t worry – Drew Goddard might be handling things.

Drew Goddard, Daredevil fan.The talented director of Cabin in the Woods recently visited Fox for a chat about the reboot, and it turns out that the guy’s a massive Daredevil fan, as he revealed to Collider. That’s good enough for me – there are few things worse than an adaptation made by someone with no interest in what they’re adapting short of the project’s salary.

There exists a particular Daredevil storyline that Goddard has an interest in, claiming that he loves it “like everyone else.” This arc of Daredevil’s life and times, titled “Born Again,” follows the blind superhero as he struggles against the paranoia brought on by a series of apparently unfortunate events in his life – his house being foreclosed on, his disbarment (Daredevil’s real-life identity is Matt Murdock, a lawyer), and other happenings that drive him into the ground.

What he’s not aware of, however, is that his former girlfriend, now a drug addict, sold Murdock’s superhero identity to infamous Marvel villain, Kingpin, for a shot of heroin. As a result, Kingpin is using his considerable criminal influence to make Murdock’s life a living hell. Of course, Daredevil is a superhero, so it’s only a matter of time before he begins to bring the justice.

It sounds like a fantastic story, and I’ve got a lot of faith in any director who’s willing to take a job working on an IP they feel so strongly about. When David Slade left the project not too long ago, it appeared as though Fox may lose their option on the Daredevil IP as it would time out before the film could be made, but this now doesn’t seem to be the case. Good news all round, I think. Now to sit back and see what happens.

[source: Empire]

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