Our advertising solutions are tailor made for our many varied partners, who range from cinema houses and public relations firms, to movie production houses, film agencies and magazines.
Below are the basic advertising guidelines. For more information email us at

We offer various styles of banner advertisement from site-wide to category or page-based advertising.
Banner types:
• Header: 728 X 90
• Sky-scraper: 120 X 240
• Top and bottom right-column banner: 300 X 250

Wallpapers are the background image, which sits behind the central website template. We offer customised solutions from site-wide to category and page-based advertising .

Competitions are a great way to engage users and communicate your promotional message. We host competitions for our partners in our competition section and give exposure on our Twitter and Facebook pages thus expanding your reach.
Packages vary from weekly to monthly to quarterly competitions.

Interviews and reviews:
It is our aim to support independent, short-film makers. If you are an independent film maker and need some mileage for your movie, we would be happy to interview you and review your film on our site for free.

We are always open to partnerships and co-branding opportunities, and if you think we are the right website for you, drop us a line with your proposal.

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