The Descent 2

Since this sequel starts off exactly where The Descent left things, there’s no point sitting through it unless you enjoyed the first instalment. However, luckily for Brit film company Celador, plenty of punters did just that, so The Descent 2 is just as likely to be a hit – and not just in the surprise way that the original one was.Look away now if you haven’t seen The Descent yet and don’t want a spoiler…

Sarah (Shauna MacDonald) emerges from the Appalachian Mountain’s cave system alone following the epically disastrous expedition with her five female pals. Distraught, confused and covered in the blood of others, it’s not really surprising that the poor Scot is crazed with fear (this isn’t even taking into account that she’s already lost her kids and husband). There’s a slightly convenient plot whereby the local sheriff is so suspicious of Sarah’s account of events that she’s is forced back into the caves to explain what really happened. If you’d been through what she’d experienced, you’d probably prefer to rot in a US jail than face that fate, but off they go to the mountains for the biggest ‘I told you so’ of their lives.
Although there’s plenty of B-movie style gore, the real terror comes from the sense of claustrophobia (created at Ealing Studios, so a long way from the location portrayed) and new director Jon Harris (editor of the original) is just as bold as the original’s Neil Marshall when it comes to veering off the ‘safe’ path, literally and metaphorically. Not one for the faint hearted.

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