Is Anybody There?

Micheal Caine can’t exactly pick the scripts like he used to, but he must’ve still thought he was onto a good one here… Although 2007’s Boy A went straight to TV, the feature-length show was lauded a critical success, which means the big screen follow-up of director John Crowley has been highly anticipated. The film tells the story of a disgruntled old magician Clarence (Caine) and his young associate in a typical coming-of-age story set in a rambling old peoples home set over the course of a few weeks. On paper such a subject could seem unnecessarily bleak and gritty, but, along with writer Peter Harness, Crowley has ensured there’s the perfect scattering of dry comedy, with the best lines seemingly tailormade for Caine. Not that the British institution can steal all the glory though; newcomer actor Bill Milner will warm even the frostiest of heart with his portrayal of kooky youngster Edward, while Anne-Marie Duff, who first made her name in Brit series Shameless, lives up to the promise that was previously reaped on her (and might even able her to add a gong husband James McAvoy’s trophy cabinet).

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