Finally. Finally. If you’re a big Indiana Jones fan, love watching films in high definition and are content denying the existence of the fourth film, you’re going to go nuts for this.

Indiana Jones.I love Indiana Jones. At once, he’s a savant, a fighter, a lover, a parent, a son, a professor, and a bit of an a***hole. From his adventures in Raiders of the Lost Ark, through The Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade, we’ve seen him escape a colossal rolling boulder, avoid being melted by the mystical contents of an ancient casket, and dodge being sacrificed. He’s done fairly well, actually.

Unfortunately, the your own copies of the HD version of the trilogy won’t be here until January the 27th, but until then, Vue are actually running screenings of the high-def stuff, as follows:

Raiders of the Lost Ark – Tuesday, November 12th.

Temple of Doom – Tuesday, November 19th.

The Last Crusade – Tuesday, November 26th.

Bear in mind tickets to this are a fiver. Go to this.

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