The 10 sexiest Halloween costumes from films

It’s nearly our favourite time of year here at the TFR Towers- Halloween! This year we thought why not draw inspiration from the amazing horror and actions films out there.

After about one minute of looking, something became obvious, a lot of the characters were pretty darn sexy. And we all know that Halloween is a great opportunity to dress in outrageously sexy outfits, smother ourselves in fake blood and call it a Halloween costume. Instead of leaving you to do that again, we decided to guide you through some of the saucier Halloween costumes inspired by the movies.

Who?Cherry Darling from Planet Terror
Why? It’s pretty cool that after Cherry loses her leg to the zombies, instead of getting a Heather Mills-esque replacement leg, she only goes and gets a gun in its place. Pretty handy for fighting off zombies and who knew that a machine gun in place of a leg could look so hot?
DIY: We would not recommend chopping off a limb for this, so you may have to just strap a toy gun (do not use a real machine gun) to your leg. Wear a red bikini, small leather skirt, and a seriously bad ass look on your face and there you have it – Cherry Darling.
Sexy rating: 7.5/10

Who? Neytiri from Avatar
Why? Well, she is pretty much naked apart from a slick of blue paint, so you can see every curve of her body. And let’s just say she’s clearly at the height of her physical fitness which is shown off by her svelte, stream-line body. Oh and those eyes, those extraordinary, hypnotising eyes…
DIY: If you have got the bod just paint yourself blue, if not you can luckily find lots of already made Neytiri costumes, or ‘sexy Neytiri’ costumes as they are called. Pop in some gold contacts, and nimbly leap about and you’ll be mistaken for a Na’vi all night.
Sexy rating?6/10

Who? Sarah Sanderson from Hocus Pocus
Why? She is billed as the incredibly beautiful sister and she is. With her long flowing hair and corseted dresses, it is no wonder she seduces everyone with her siren song.
DIY: Unless you are going to spend a lot of money on a replica costume, the best thing to do is get a red corset, preferably in velvet, a full-length matching skirt and a wavy blonde wig. Broomstick is optional.
Sexy rating? 5/10

Who? The three-breasted woman from Total Recall
Why? It’s just funny isn’t it? Although she only appears briefly in the movie, it is certainly one of the most memorable moments. And this costume would be great for both men and women to pull off.
DIY: If you don’t happen to have three breasts, you’ll have to fashion some from goodness knows where or buy some of the fake ones you can find in some joke shops. And that’s all you need, other than that, all you’ll need is some serious balls.
Sexy rating? 3/10 (one for each boob)

Who? Edward Cullen/Jacob Black from Twilight
Why? Unless you’re not human you will have noticed these two all over the place. You’re either in Team Jacob or Team Edward, so pick accordingly. Of course, it will slightly depend on how muscley you are.
DIY: For Edward, whiten your face, gel your hair up, maybe wear a small amount of black eye-liner and dress smartish, perhaps a grey or white shirt. For Jacob, just take off your shirt.
Sexy rating? 9/10 for Edward (we’re team Edward at TFR) and a 7/10 for Jacob

Who? Any one from The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Why? It’s the ultimate in camp sexiness. There’s corsets, fishnets, maids, sequins and some amazing make-up. Boys can get involved with this one too and you can all have lots of fun with it.
DIY: It’s pretty easy to cobble together a costume for any one of the characters in this film. All you really need is to let your inhibitions go.
Sexy rating? It could range from 0-6/10, we think, depending on who you go as.

Who? Alice from Resident Evil
Why? She is smart, can use a gun pretty well and is great at martial arts. And she is played by a real life supermodel, Milla Jovovich
DIY: This is one of the easiest costumes to pull off and it won’t even look too homemade. All you need is black boots and a half ripped red dress. Oh, and a massive gun and a look that says you mean business.
Sexy rating? 7.5/10

Who? Ripley from Alien
Why? Played by the legendary Sigourney Weaver, Ripley was without a doubt a seminal role and really made a difference to gender stereotypes in film. She spends most of the film looking slightly crazed and very sweaty, but she somehow manages to pull it off.
DIY: Again a gun would be great, a brown boiler suit or jump suit if you want to be a little more stylish. And oodles of sweat.
Sexy rating?

Who? Nurses from Silent Hill
Why? Normally zombies are scary looking and not remotely attractive. In Silent Hill they wear sexy nurse outfits, admittedly their heads are bandaged up, and they are covered in blood and God knows what else, but somehow they still look pretty good.
DIY: For this you need the smallest nurses outfit you can find and plenty of fake blood. You can find quite a few tutorials online about how to do the head bandages to make your perfect homemade costume.
Sexy rating? 6/10

Who? Donnie from Donnie Darko
Why? Well he’s brooding and slightly mysterious and when he wears that skeleton costume with the grey hoody, pwoahhh.
DIY: Get black leggings and t-shirt and paint bones on with white paint or alternatively buy a ready made outfit from a fancy dress shop. Put your hood up, act a bit crazy and Donnie’s your uncle.
Sexy rating? 8/10

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