Jackass 3D: what you need to know

If you, like many of us, grew up watching the increasingly insane antics of Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera and co., then you’re as excited as we are to see the new trailer.

“3D is the future of movies”, proclaims Time magazine. That quote would’ve had more impact had we been unaware the trailer was for Jackass 3D, but it was hilarious to see the build-up to what I knew was going to be a minute solid of ridiculously dangerous, scary, brave and impressive stunts.

By now we’re sure everyone knows the drill. Bam’s parents are getting pranked, Steve-O is experimenting with human excrement, and of course Wee Man is falling over laughing (my money’s on him being launched somehow, maybe towards the screen). It’s a brilliantly immature use of 3D technology, and we can’t wait to see how it’ll work out.

Thankfully, the entire cast are back for the third film in the series, which is a relief. Big fans of the films and the MTV show know that the cast each have their own special personalities that bring something different to the many stunts, and this is likely to be no different.

It’s certainly an interesting use of TV, and one that their die-hard director Jeff Tremaine found out would be appealing as a Jackass idea in late 2009. Long-suffering cameraman Lance Bangs also felt that making the film was “amazing”, and like “looking through a viewfinder”. I’ve got to admit – it’s nice to hear what it’s like from someone who isn’t James Cameron.

The difference between Avatar and Jackass 3D? Well, that calls for a list, don’t you think?

  • Avatar: a serious sci-fi drama influenced by Pocahontas and many other white-man-meets-native love stories.
  • Jackass: a group of men throwing themselves down stairs, launching port-o-potties into the air, and screaming with laughter every five minutes.
  • Sam Worthington: handsome, strong male lead with a serious face and serious acting skills.
  • Johnny Knoxville: Converse-wearing spiky-haired lunatic with a penchant for humorous self-inflicted violence.
  • Pandora: alien world, a land of minerals and opportunity.
  • America: an alien world (if you’re British), a land of minerals and opportunity.

The film itself is released on November 5th, and should hopefully ignite another wave of Jackass interest that lasts well into their twilight years. However, here at The Film Review, we have a simple policy for those tempted to try this out – nothing, and I repeat, nothing, is more fun than watching someone else do it, on Jackass. Don’t do it yourself – though they may be idiots, they still have staff and a fairly good idea of what they’re doing, alongside around a decade of experience. Enjoy the trailer!

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