The New Horror: A Post-2000 Top Ten

Old chills and thrills not your bag? We take a closer look at ten modern horror films that manage to do the job just fine.

Horror’s an odd genre. On the one hand, it pushes the boundaries for acceptable cinema and scares us into a sleepless state for days (in the most enjoyable way). On the other, it’s full of tired clichés and stereotypes (the female victim, the soon-to-be-dead black guy). But what about modern horror?

If anything, it’s clear that modern horror films like the ten mentioned in this article (and the honourably mentioned eleventh) are something new. Something darker. Something more akin to looking into the mind of a violent sociopath, rather than your average screenwriter. So, without further ado, I present you with 10 examples of the New Horror, and one cheeky one I couldn’t resist including. Enjoy your Halloween!

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