What will the next Bond posters look like?

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably already twiddling your thumbs waiting for  information on the next Bond film. Anxious in wait, we’ve discovered that our fellow Bond fans are putting their talents to good use, with teaser posters for the film cropping up on the web.

Based on the small snippets of information we’ve been fed by the filmmakers so far, the fan-made posters circulating the web so far stay true to all the classic Bond aspects – casinos, cars, girls etc – while also anticipating the fresh ideas to come. Even websites like Ladbrokes Casino have been getting in on the action. They’ve commissioned a set of teaser posters which have been imagined and realised by five different illustrators, all based on the rumours and speculation surrounding the film.

We’re not going to get a new Bond film for a while yet, so a teaser poster may seem like film fans are jumping the gun a little, but can you blame us after the epic blockbuster Skyfall turned out to be? Daniel Craig will not always hold the much coveted role of 007, and lovers of Bond are keen to get their fill. Plus, with the lovely Dame Judi Dench officially giving up the role of M, we’re anxious to see where Ralph Fiennes takes the role.

Slick suits, cool weapons and fast cars are just some of the iconography you’ll discover in the posters below:

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