What makes a film quintessentially British?

It’s good to be British right now. The four day Diamond Jubilee weekend has just come to an end with a flypast over Buckingham Palace, and we’ve got the London 2012 Olympics to look forward to (or not dependent on your view). If you don’t want to put the Bucks Fizz away just yet, then fear not. To celebrate everything that makes our film industry great, The Made In Britain season is screening British movies across the UK up to the Olympics.

The remaining films that are screening between the recent bank holiday and the Olympics are:

Plague of Zombies – Tuesday 12th June
The Man Who Fell to Earth – Tuesday 19th June
Hobson’s Choice – Tuesday 26th June
Quatermass & The Pit – Tuesday 3rd July

The season made us sit back and think: what makes a film quintessentially British? Is it the characters? The plots? The humour? We decided to investigate in further celebration of Britishness. Because our films are worth celebrating:

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