So, what’s going on with Preacher?

Preacher is a comic book series that’s been going on for years, now. But its journey towards a screen of any sort has slowed – until recently.

Preacher.For those who aren’t in the know (and you wouldn’t be to blame, this is hardly the mainstream comic book stuff you’ll find Marvel whacking into cinemas every few months), Preacher is a story about a man called Jesse Custer, who is, surprisingly, a preacher, but one who has been possessed by a supernatural creature.

Entertainingly, this gives him a variety of powers and makes him quite the interesting anti-hero. Travelling the land with an ex-girlfriend and a boozy vampire, he’s looking for God – literally, as God abandoned his post in Heaven after the being that possessed Preacher (the child of an angel and a demon) was born. As you can imagine, the disappearance of what was previously the most powerful being in existence has caused quite a stir among the various factions of the mortal and immortal realms.

Recently, there’s been talk of Preacher making its way towards the small screen, and this sounds like the ideal place for it. This isn’t the sort of story you would want to try and tell all in one go, and while you certainly could (Hellboy is a good example of this), it’ll be interesting to see it pan out a little slower. However, what I find interesting is that the latest person rumoured to be in some way involved with its production is one Seth Rogen, the actor and screenwriter.

I know what you’re thinking – the man specialises in bromance and stoner comedies, and that’s a completely fair concern. I’m a little puzzled myself, but I’m interested to see what capacity he’s working in. I’m voting screenwriting, because while I don’t think he would fit into the sort of universe Preacher represents (as someone who’s not read the series, so forgive me, but it seems darker than Knocked Up and The Green Hornet), but he’s a good screenwriter.

If you think about it from the Kevin Smith perspective, comedy writers who’ve got a knack for the darkly comic, or the weird, or those who just love the source material due to their “geek” backgrounds, tend to fit quite well into the groove of those penning the lines for screenplays based on comics of a similar vein. I feel like Preacher isn’t going to be hugely CGI-heavy as a project, and I’m interested in seeing if the sort of witty back-and-forth Rogen has a talent for writing and creating with his own acting skills could benefit the potential series.

As for casting, that’ll be an interesting exercise, although going by my personal opinion of him as an actor, I’d say Tom Hiddleston would be a great choice. Then again, the chances of the Thor actor dropping temporarily out of his meteoric rise to stardom to do a bit of urban fantasy television is fairly low, so I can but sit and dream.

So what about you folks? What do you want to see from Preacher: the series?

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