Superhero Olympics

With the likes of super-speedy Usain Bolt bombarding the 100m and Rebecca Adlington swimming her way to success, the London 2012 Olympics has never been more exciting to watch. But how would these professional athletes compare to the likes of our favourite superheroes and supervillains?

We’ve put together a list of super strong, fast and agile superheroes who would most certainly smash the current records – even the seemingly invincible Usain Bolt.

Welcome to the Superhero Olympics.

The Men’s 100m sprint
It’s hard to imagine any athlete defeating the likes of Jamaican runner Usain Bolt, especially since he set a new Olympic record this year. But put him up again The Flash and he stands no chance.

The Flash, who was created by Harry Lampert, has the ability to run at super-sonic speed. The comic book hero even had his own TV series called The Flash and guest-starred in Smallville, as well as an endless number of animated superhero shows. A modern feature film for The Flash has been talked about for some time, and in 2010, Warner Brothers announced they were actively developing a big screen take on all the DC Comics, so The Flash character is not dead yet.


We have been very impressed with 23-year-old Rebecca Adlington’s swimming efforts this year not to mention Michael Phelps, but they would be no match against AquaMan. This legendary comic book character – created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger – can swim a staggering 10,000 feet per second, as well as having the ability to breathe underwater. This marine-man has appeared in a variety of animated TV shows including The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, Super Friends, and Justice League.

It takes a very strong man or woman to be able to throw the  shot-put; this year, Belarus’ Nadzeya Ostapchuk  demonstrated her strength by winning gold. But strength isn’t all you need if you have super stretchy arms like Mr. Fantastic.

This superhero has the freaky ability to stretch his arms, twist his torso and re-shape his body into inhuman proportions. Mr. Fantastic is the father figure of the group, The Fantastic Four. The character was featured in the blockbuster hit, The Fantastic Four which starred Ioan Gruffudd as Mr Fantastic, alongside Jessica Alba and Chris Evans.


Martial Arts
When it comes to Olympic martial arts, Bane is the one you don’t want to be up against, even for Great Britain’s Karina Bryant who won a bronze medal in this year’s Olympic Judo competition. Bane is an all-powerful, fighting machine which makes him ideal for wrestling, boxing and judo. Bane, who Tom Hardy played in The Dark Knight Rises, has only one weakness. This comes in the form of his face mask because this is what harbours the pain from his childhood injuries.

When it comes to having sharp eyesight, Hawkeye is the superhero ideal for archery. He is one of the few superheroes who doesn’t posses superhuman abilities, but he is famed for being at the peak of human conditioning. Not only is he an exceptional fencer but he is an incredibly talented archer as he demonstrated in this year’s Avengers Assemble film.

The Chinese and Russian gymnasts have stormed this year’s competition. However, these lean and supple athletes are no comparison against Catwoman. Her elegance and flexibility make her ideal for swinging on the poles and cartwheeling on the beams. And she’ll never fall over – like we’ve seen a few gymnasts do this year – because cats always land on their feet. Catwoman has most famously been played by Halle Berry in the 2004 feature film, but Anne Hathaway reprised the role in The Dark Knight Rises.

Clay Pigeon shooting
Some would say that clay pigeon shooting requires careful timing and concentration, but if your entire arm is made up of powerful guns like Iron Man, then aim and fire is all you need to do. Played by Robert Downey Jr in the hit superhero film of the same name, Iron Man could alternatively use his uni-beam projector in his chest or his freeze ray to hit his target.

Weight Lifting
There was no competition when it came to who is the strongest superhero because of course it’s the almighty Hulk. This green, mean, fighting machine has super strength, enabling him to pick up objects like cars effortlessly. Not even this year’s gold medallists, Kianoush Rostam and Adrian Zielinski, could defeat this tower of power.

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