The Twilight: The Lowdown

As the fourth instalment of the Twilight Saga premières in LA and London this week, we are giving you the ultimate lowdown on all the things you need to know about Twilight.

Darkness and saucy scenes

As we all know, the Twilight films are based on the vampire fantasy novels by Stephenie Meyer. If you haven’t read any of  the books, they are aimed at younger teenagers while the films are much darker.
Did you know that the original edit of Breaking Dawn Part 1 was considered an 18? Kristen Stewart (who plays Bella Swan) was shocked by the intensity of the sex scene, and said to herself ‘No Bella, what are you doing?!’. However, it has now been edited down to suit a younger audience.

Rocking out to Muse and Linkin Park

Stephenie Meyer is a huge fan of the Devon rock band Muse, and wrote the saga while listening to them. It must have been a dream come true when Supermassive Black Holewas featured in the baseball scene in the first film. The rock-loving author said that she would only consider Twilight: The Musical, if it was a rock production and her favourite band wrote it.

Have you also noticed that in Chapter 7 of Twilight, Bella listens to Linkin Park?

Robert Pattinson isn’t just a pretty face; he wrote, played and sung two of the tracks in the first Twilight film.

Twilight was born on a (dark and stormy) night

Twilight was in fact born in one of Stephenie Meyer’s dreams. Astonishingly, the author even remembers the date, June 2, 2003. The first chapter she wrote ended up being Chapter 13. Not so unlucky after all. For a while, Meyer didn’t have names for the characters of Bella and Edward, so she called them ‘he’ and ‘she’. Other characters in her books were named after previous boyfriends; does her husband know that?
Meyer also claims that much inspiration for her books comes from classic literature. Twilight is loosely based around Pride And Prejudice , while New Moon was inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

The real Forks

Meyer was originally going to call the first book ‘Forks’ because this is where the novel is set. In addition, Meyer grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, just like Bella did.

That gorgeous cast

Robert Pattinson was actually second choice for playing the heart-throb vampire, Edward Cullen. Smallville actor, Tom Welling, was the fan’s favourite, but in the end, Pattinson was cast. Before his appearances in Twilight, he was best known for playing Cedric in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. While Pattinson has grown out of his boyish geek look and turned into a handsome man which thousands of girls adore, it’s a shame we can’t say the same about his former co-star, Daniel Radcliffe…
Kristen Stewart was first discovered when she was just eight-years-old by an agent during a Christmas pageant. She acted in a number of films, including Panic Room, before being cast as Bella. As the filming for Twilight began, Stewart was only 17, meaning that during her breaks she had to do school work. So much for the Hollywood dream…

The additional Twilight books?

After completing the Twilight Saga, Meyer started work on a companion book, but this time, the story was to be written from Edward’s perspective. However, a close contact of the author leaked the opening chapters on the internet and after this incident, Meyer decided to abandon the idea. Hopefully this is only temporary and we will eventually see the book. However, Meyer did publish the leaked chapters on her website for her fans to see.

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