Top 10 Up and Coming Child Stars

This week sees the release of Let Me In, starring 13-year-old Chloë Moretz. But Moretz is no newcomer Hollywood – in fact the child star has been appearing in films since 2005, and she’s already attached to no fewer than eight movies which are yet to be released.

With that in mind, we thought we’d take a look at some of the top up-and-coming child actors we’ve see on screen in recent years. Love them or loathe them, some of this lot could well be the Next Big Thing, and either way, they’re bound to stick around for a little while yet…

Chloë Moretz
Age: 13
Starlet to superstar?

Chloë Grace Moretz first hit the big screen playing Molly in Heart of the Beholder, before taking on several TV roles. She has since appeared in the likes of (500) Days of Summer and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, as well giving a critically acclaimed performance as Hit Girl in Kick-Ass. Let Me In received a positive reception when it premièred at a number of film festivals, and her upcoming roles include Emily in the much anticipated Emily the Strange film.

2. Noah Cyrus
Age: 10
Starlet to superstar?

She might be the youngest to feature in our list, but this little lady also has the advantage of being Miley Cyrus‘ younger sister. She’s already managed to make her way onto both the Hannah Montana film and TV series, as well as the DVD movie Mostly Ghostly. Last year she took on her first major film role, voicing the English version of Japanese animated film, Ponyo.

. Will Shadley
Age: 11
Starlet to superstar?

He may be another one of the young ‘uns, but Shadley can still lay claim to some impressive achievements. He began his acting career playing Brian Darling Jr in TV’s Dirty Sexy Money, before going on to star alongside Jackie Chan in The Spy Next Door. He also voices the character of Gorgonzolain the TV series, Chowder.

4. Georgie Henley
Age: 15

Starlet to superstar?

Ah, some upcoming talent from this side of the pond! Yorkshire-born Georgie Henley is best known for her portrayal of Lucy Pevensie in the The Chronicles of Narnia film series. Following her performance in the 2005 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe film, she was awarded the Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Performance by a Youth Female in a Lead or Supporting Role. She has also appeared as a young Jane Eyre in the 2006 BBC adaptation of the novel.

5. Elle Fanning
Age: 12

Starlet to superstar?

So Dakota Fanning’s officially stopped being a child-star is now a proper grown-up actress, but worry not, because ready to step into her fame-filled-shoes is little sister Elle. She began her film career by playing the younger version of Dakota in I Am Sam, but Elle has since gone on to play the daughter to Joaquin Phoenix and Jennifer Connelly in Reservation Road, and Cleo in Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere. She is also due to appear in the upcoming science fiction film Super 8, which is produced by Steven Spielberg.

Saoirse Ronan
Age: 16
Starlet to superstar?

Daughter to actor Paul Ronan, talent obviously runs in the family, with Ronan’s role as the Briony Tallis in the 2007 film Atonement earning her multiple award nominations. She also received a BAFTA nomination and the BFCA Critics’ Choice Award for Best Young Actor/Actress for her performance as Susie Salmon in The Lovely Bones, and is currently filming Violet and Daisy, where she will star alongside Alexis Bledel.

Brooklynn Proulx
Age: 11
Starlet to superstar?

Proulx’s début film appearance was in the 2005 hit Brokeback Mountain, and was followed by her first main role in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford two years later. She played a young version of Clare in the film adaptation of The Time Traveller’s Wife, and starred alongside the likes of Kelly Brook and Eli Roth as Laura Forester in Piranha 3D – not bad for an 11 year old!

8. Jaden Smith
Age: 12
Starlet to superstar?

Son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Jaden made his film debut starring alongside his father in the 2006 film The Pursuit of Happyness,  subsequently winning Best Breakthrough Performance at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards. He went on to co-star with Keanu Reeves in 2008 remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, and with Jackie Chan the remake of The Karate Kid. He also Smith rapped alongside singer Justin Bieber in the song Never Say Never, and will feature in Bieber’s upcoming biopic film of the same name.

Tanay Chheda
Age: 14
Starlet to superstar?

Chheda shot to stardom after his performance as the teenage Jamal Malik in Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire earned him the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. However, unlike many of the child actors who were plucked from obscurity for the film, Chheda had already featured in two Bollywood films, and has since gone on to appear in My Name Is Khan as the young Rizwan Khan.

Abigail Breslin
Age: 14
Starlet to superstar?

Beslin appeared in her first film, Signs, at the age of just five, and has since gone on to star in the likes of My Sister’s Keeper, and Zombieland. She became the fourth youngest actress to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress following her role in Little Miss Sunshine, and was ranked 8th in the Forbes Magazine list of ‘Young Hollywood’s Top-Earning Stars’. She also plays the title role in upcoming film Janie Jones, about a girl who informs a fading rock star that she is his daughter after being abandoned by her former-groupie mother.

Let Me In, starring Chloë Moretz, hits UK cinemas on the 5th November.

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