The Top Ten Christmas Films

It’s the Christmas season, which is pretty much everyone’s favourite time of year, right? Apart from the token scrooges out there. And what is Christmas about? Lots of food, presents and family, oh and JC. But most of all, well not most, but a bit, it’s about watching a good old’ Christmas movie. We pick our top ten films that make us full of festive cheer.

1.National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
Ah the Griswold’s show us all how a big family Christmas should not be done. Comedy hero, Chevy Chase, plays the father of the family, Clark, who causes one disaster after another. It’s funny, silly and isn’t overly nauseating like some Christmas films can be.
Festive cheer: 8/10

2. Miracle on 34th Street
An all-time classic that warms even the coldest scrooge heart. A lovely old man who claims he is Santa is institutionalized as insane. Luckily a lone lawyer is willing to defend him and proves that he is the real thing. Lovely lovely lovely.
Festive Cheer: 10/10

3. Elf
This was when Will Ferrell was still bloody funny. He plays a human who is bought up in an elf community, believing that he too is an elf. As he gets older and grows bigger he inadvertently wreaks havoc and is sent to the America in order to find his true identity. It’s a great idea that works well as it is both touching and hilarious.
Festive Cheer: 7/10

4. It’s a Wonderful Life
Everybody has heard of this film and it is officially ‘the most watched Christmas film ever’. If you haven’t seen it, you really should as it is both influential and enduring in terms of Christmas movies. An angel helps a suicidal businessman by showing him what life would be like if he’d never existed. Although touching on serious issues of depression and despair, it’s always moving and never depressing. This is just what we need at Christmas time- a reminder of what our lives mean.
Festive Cheer: 7/10

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas
It’s not just emo kids who love this Tim Burton creation. It received critical acclaim when it hit cinemas in 1993 and many believed the visual effects were revolutionary. It tells the tale of Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween who happens upon Christmas town and is rather confused by what he finds there.
Festive Cheer: 5/10

6. Scrooged

It’s 80s, a comedy and has Bill Murray, what’s not to love? Scrooged is the story of a cynical, selfish TV exec who is haunted by three spirits on Christmas Eve. Brilliant easy-watching for when you are too full to move.
Festive Cheer: 8/10

7. The Snowman
What can we say, it’s legendary, isn’t it? Made for TV, it is only 26 minutes long, so even your nan will be able to stay awake for it. It’s about a little boy who builds a snowman one Christmas Eve, which comes to life and takes him on a magical adventure to the North Pole to meet none other than Santa Claus. There is no dialogue, although you can hear the now famous Walking in the Air song.
Festive Cheer: 9/10

8. Home Alone
Amazing and in our eyes, and those of many others, it’s a timeless classic. One that will take many of us back to being children and a time when Macaulay Culkin wasn’t a has-been who once shared a bed with Michael Jackson. He plays an eight-year-old kid who is accidentally left behind when his family flies to France for Christmas. Chaos ensues as he is forced to defend his home against the world’s dumbest burglars. Good family crimbo fun.
Festive Cheer: 7/10


9. White Christmas
This one is all fun and games, as a successful song and dance team become romantically involved with a sister act. They all team up and save the failing inn of their former commanding general. It’s got some amazing songs in it, most notably Bing Crosby’s White Christmas, one of the best selling singles of all time. It’s got a great cast, it’s light, fluffy and pretty darn Christmassy.

Festive Cheer: 10/10

10. Love Actually
This may be a controversial choice, but it’s so gooooood. It follows the lives of eight different couples as they deal with their love lives over the Christmas period in London. There are so many great actors in it and story lines, that you’ll find something you love. Our particular favourite is little Thomas Sangster’s character Sam, so cute.
Festive Cheer: 10/10

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