Top Tens: Animal actors that deserved an Oscar

Animal actors have been in the press a lot recently. Martin Scorsese started a campaign to get the giant doberman Blackie, who stars in his movie Hugo, a Golden Collar nomination. Meanwhile Uggie, the scene-stealing dog from The Artist is not allowed to attend the Oscars due to the Academy not allowing animals at the ceremony.

Even Miss Piggy has joined the debate. Her film The Muppets is nominated in the Best Song category. However the glamorous star might boycott the ceremony in protest against the ban.

“It’s wonderful to be nominated in the Best Song category, even if it wasn’t a song I sang,” she has told reporters recently. However she doesn’t think she will feel very comfortable at a ceremony that only allows human attendees:

“It’s hard to feel right about going to an event like that where you’re not really welcome … For some reason, the Academy has refused to recognise pigs as actors,” Miss Piggy muses.

It is a sentiment shared by the pint-sized pooch, Uggie. But even an online campaign named “Consider Uggie” hasn’t swayed the decision of the cold Academy.

The issue has certainly grabbed the world’s attention. Do the animals in films deserve more recognition than they get for their performances?

Let’s imagine for a moment that the Academy isn’t as backwards as it appears to be at the moment. In our imaginary Oscar’s there is a category named Best Performance by an Animal(s) in a Motion Picture.

Which past performances have deserved the honour of Best Performance?

See our top ten below:

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