Family-friendly Halloween movies

Halloween is almost upon us, and with the day of spooks and trick or treating falling on an unlucky year, there’s every chance you’ll struggle to find family appropriate films on the TV this year. Luckily you can prepare and bring together a collection of scary classics which will not frighten your kids (or you) too much.

How to not have a sleepless night this Halloween

So what kind of films do you think are suited for younger audiences? Well, over the years even films which have been targeted towards children have been accused of being too scary, even for adults. It all depends on the age group recommended, and the sensitivity of each individual.

For those of you who want to keep with the theme of Halloween without losing sleep, our list of ten Halloween movies should put you on the right track. Invite all your friends over to hang out for a cheap Halloween movie night-in.

Witches, un-dead corpses, wacky families, ghosts, treasure hunting and talking skeletons. We’ve got it all covered.

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