Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – the trailer

Here’s here, he’s got his axe, and he’s ready to defend both the Oval Office and many people’s necks from filthy bloodsuckers. I sound like a werewolf.

The trailer features the POTUS doing something I didn’t think he would – wielding a woodsman’s axe like a melee weapon. He looks somewhat like a boss while doing so, so I’m assuming that’ll be his main method of getting rid of the vampire foes he’ll be taking on in the film.

It’s certainly not a film to everyone’s tastes – quite a few of the YouTube comments on the embedded video below are critical at best – but I think it’s worth giving it a shot. It sure breaks up the monotony of period cinema that has nothing relevant to today’s society about it, and c’mon, it’s a film about Abe Lincoln, the President of the United States, as a vampire hunter. Enjoy the trailer!

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