Adam Sandler cast in French comedy remake, Narco

It has been confirmed that Adam Sandler has been cast in the lead role of Narco, a remake of the French comedy film, The Secret Adventures of Gustave Klopp.

The original was released back in 2004, and featured Love Me If You Dare‘s Guillaume Canet as Gustave Klopp, who suffers from narcolepsy. Whilst asleep, he dreams of comic book action heroes,  giving rise to a sneaky cameo from Jean-Claude Van Damme.

After an attack on Klopp’s life, he finds himself cured of his condition, but finds it more convenient to continue to nod off uncontrollably. In doing so, he discovers various secrets harboured by his friends and family.

Clay Tarver, whose writing credits include the 2001 horror-thriller Joy Ride, is reported to be working on the script for the remake, which will be come via Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison. However, the project is currently still awaiting a director.

Meanwhile, Sandler is also reported to have been offered a role in $40,000 Man, which tells the story of an astronaut who is badly injured and given the bionic treatment, but on a bit of a measly budget. It may not sound like the most convincing plot, but the script made it on to Hollywood’s Black List of the best unproduced screenplays, so it can’t be too bad…right?

You can also catch Sandler next February, when romantic comedy Just Go With It is released, which will see him star opposite Jennifer Aniston.

We can only hope he’ll have more success with these films than he found with this year’s unpopular buddy-comedy, Grown Ups, which was also produced by Happy Madison. Fingers crossed!

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