Akira nuked again

Akira, the long-suffering Westernised adaptation of the famous manga, has once again fallen flat on its face. Good thing? I reckon so.

Yep, still a drawing. Staying that way, thanks.

The weird thing about some people is that they’ll keep hammering away at an idea, regardless of how negative the reaction is or how many times it goes wrong. With some things (i.e. trying to prove the world wasn’t flat), it’s worth keeping on. But with some others, particularly remakes that border on insulting the nation of the adapted media’s birth – in this case, canning Tokyo and a Asian cast for Manhattan and Zac Efron – it’s not so wise.

Again, the whole project has ground to a halt, and fans of the original story can breathe once again, but it won’t be long until another director and cast sign on and the cycle begins once more. The question is, which will happen first: will the film make it to production, or will the studio get tired of the repeated failures and can the project once and for all?

Given that the studio in question (Warner Bros.) has actually stopped production to send the script back into the editing/rewrite stage, it’s likely they want it to see the light of day again. Damn them.

It’s not often I celebrate the death of a project, but some films just aren’t meant to be made. Sure, it’d work to some degree as a Westernised film adaptation – Oldboy starring Colin Farrell sounds really good, actually. But Oldboy has the advantage of being an live-action film, although it’s also quite a new one.

Sadly, Hollywood have always been of the opinion that none of us like foreign films. We’ll keep you updated on this one, although with any luck, we won’t have to.

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