Alcon seeking to make Blade Runner properties

Yeah. One of the few films you never thought anyone would be so arrogant as to mess with, surely. But unfortunately, someone wants a Blade Runner prequel, sequel, and TV program.

Geek rage wells up inside me at the idea of such a great film, based on an amazing book (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?) by the master of sci-fi, Philip K. Dick, being tarnished by pointless, profit-motivated extensions to its universe.

The thing about Dick’s work is that, fundamentally, you get a singular set of moments in any given reality. A Scanner Darkly, Blade Runner, Minority Report – all based on his work, and every single one of them has never expanded beyond what was necessary to carry the narrative from the first page to the last. But now that’s all about to change.

Alcon, a production company who made need to start securing their internet firewalls as I’m sure at least one geek-troupe will attempt to hire Anonymous to ensure they can’t even edit anything they make, are after the rights to the stellar dystopian universe of Rick Deckard and his hunt for Nexus-Six androids.

Sure, there’s a lot of potential for expansion – there’s even Mars to consider. But do we really want to tarnish a classic, organic whole of a novel/film for the sake of “bringing back the stuff that made money back then” in an endless wave of remakes? Comment, debate, and will someone get Alcon on the phone? There are complaints about their idea. How many? Over nine thousand.

Meanwhile we’ll move the dial on our Penfield Mood Organ to ‘Remain cheerful despite exasperating lack of originality in Hollywood’.

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