Alien prequel to focus on the Space Jockey

If you’re a fan of Alien or any of its spectacularly entertaining sequels, you’ll have spent the last year or so engaged in rapturous celebration of the fact that Ridley Scott is to return to the franchise to direct the prequel. However, it’s going to be told from an unusual but warranted angle: the Space Jockey.

For those who remember the opening half-hour of Alien, Ripley and co. stumble across a large, dead-by-chest-burster alien sat in a chair in the middle of a large room. He’s massive, but dead and calcified to the point where imagining his original appearance is almost impossible However, Ridley Scott has intentions to finally answer the curiosities of many a xenomorph-movie buff, and explore who the Space Jockey is and how their race interacts with the humans, xenomorphs and the many other interesting races in Scott’s unique sci-fi universe.

During a recent Q&A, Scott stated that he was shocked no one had ever taken the bait of doing more about the Space Jockey in their own takes on the franchise. He plans to fit in enough history about the dead alien to fill two films, which should come as a wonderful bit of news to anyone hoping for more than one film. It’s feasible that after explaining the race more thoroughly, he may want to either ignore or take in the graphic novels penned by Mark Verheiden in which the Space Jockey is very much alive and kicking. Time will tell if the prequel lives up to the hype, though judging by the similar critical response to James Cameron’s return to science fiction, it may be one to watch.

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