American Reunion trailer now online

Who has the energy to watch, and by watch we mean cringe at, another American Pie film? We’ll soon find out as American Reunion is released in the UK on April 6th.

From the above picture, it looks as though Stifler (Seann William Scott), Jim (Jason Biggs), Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) and friends have all grown up to be respectable adults. However, surely you can’t have a piece of this particular type of pie without there being some particularly inappropriate surprise waiting along the way.

What we do know is that Jennifer Coolidge will be returning as Stifler’s Mom, and that Finch will yet again be after her. So we pretty much know how things are going to go down – Stifler will be going after every female under the sun, Jim and Michelle will be adjusting to married life and possibly finally giving in to their desire to let go and party, and Finch and Stifler’s Mom will be off somewhere doing what comes naturally.

The question really is, what more can American Pie possibly do to surprise us? From the trailer it looks as though the gang will be returning with as much gusto as they did in the previous films and that it will be packed with the type of humour that fans have come to know and love. So if you liked the previous American Pies, then this one looks as though it fits in nicely with that format.

If you are one of those who simply cannot wait until April, then have a look at the new trailer below:

Video: American Pie: Reunion trailer (MSN Exclusive)

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