Andy Serkis named as The Hobbit’s Second Unit director

Andy Serkis, known in the Jackson-Middle Earth universe as the mo-cap (motion capture) actor behind Gollum, has been chosen by The Hobbit director, Sir Peter Jackson, to direct the second unit.

This is a huge step up for Serkis, who has not only starred in The Lord of the Rings, but who also recently played the iconic role of Ian Drury in Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll alongside working on the direction and mo-capping for the developers of adapted Chinese myth Journey to the West into a videogame.

So, Serkis is expanding his roles in media, and this has possibly led to the man’s first move into major behind-the-camera roles in the future: directing the Second Unit of The Hobbit.

Sure, the second unit aren’t going to be shooting the big stuff – that’s Jackson’s job – but this is a huge compliment, and really does show that Jackson wants people on The Hobbit who are not only uniquely talented, but also huge fans of the Middle Earth mythos. Most of the staff on Lord of the Rings were huge Tolkien geeks, from the adoring fans like Jackson and Serkis, to the know-it-by-heart loyal troops like Christopher Lee.

The HobbitThe HobbitThe Hobbit. Had enough? The Hobbit. Seriously, the film’s going to be fantastic, and there are few words left in the English language for me to use to describe the quality of the cast and crew without dipping into some heavy thesaurus use. Guess I’ll have to, as the news bits just don’t stop rolling in! Bring on Middle Earth, already!

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