Angelina Jolie too ancient to raid anymore tombs

Angelina Jolie might be one of the world’s most desirable women, but even she’s not immune from age… According to reports, the actress has been ditched by the producers of the Tomb Raider movies after they decided she’s now too old for the role which propelled her to fame in 2001, and which was later reprised for a sequel in 2003.
“We are rebooting Lara Croft. It’s a great story that we’re going to tell, very character-orientated and more realistic than the past movies. It is an origin tale so it’s going to be a younger Lara Croft,” said Dan Lin, the franchise’s producer.

Could it be that having six children has added a few extra years to the 33-year-old? Whatever the case, age is bound to be a touchy subject; she hits her next birthday this Thursday…  Just don’t’ mention Megan Fox as a potential replacement – unless you want Jolie raiding your tomb!

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