Antonio Banderas to play Pablo Picasso

PIcasso’s masterpieces have influenced generations and defined the way that many people think about art. Now, there is a film in the pipeline that will star Antonio Banderas and will focus on the period he spent painting one of his most famous works, Guernica.

The famous painter has previously been played by the likes of Anthony Hopkins (Surviving Picasso) and recently by Marcial Di Fonzo Bo who made a brief appearance in Midnight in Paris, however it now looks as though this next portrayal will be a bit different. The French and Spanish-language 33 Dias (33 Days) will be a more serious role for the Spanish actor who has recently lent his voice to Puss In Boots and is known for playing Zorro.

It will focus on a more specific period of Picasso’s life than has previously been dealt with, namely the creation of his famous masterpiece, Guernica. Picasso worked on the picture after the German/Italian bombing of the Basque country city, and it depicts the tragedy of war and consequent suffering. Since it was finished in June 1937, the painting has become a well-known anti-war symbol and is one of the artist’s most celebrated works.

33 Dias is written and will be directed by Carlos Saura, known for Raise Ravens (Cría Cuervos) and Carmen. In addition to this, Apocalypse Now‘s award-winning cinematographer Vittorio Storaro is also in talks to join the project.

Apparently the film will focus on the way that painting Guernica prevented Picasso from falling too deeply into personal crisis, when he was in a relationship with French artist Dora Maar. While the common perception of Picasso is that he was no feast for the eyes, this is not true of his younger self, which makes Banderas look like quite a good choice.

33 Dias will begin filming this summer, and it will be interesting to see both how Banderas takes on the character and how Saura chooses to portray him.

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