App Editions of Inception and The Dark Knight appear online

If you’ve always been a little frustrated about renting films off iTunes or LoveFilm and never getting the whole DVD-features shebang, then now’s the time to celebrate.

Warner Bros., being rather benevolent and fairly forward thinking, are releasing App Editions of two major releases, both works of Christopher Nolan – Inception and The Dark Knight. This means you get an entire application that will not only contain the film, but everything you’d find on the DVD.

This is great for several reasons – one, it means you’re no longer stuck with just the film, as iTunes doesn’t really do special features, just the video file itself. Two, it also means you can explore a film’s background and making-of documentaries on an iPad, iPod Touch or even an iPhone, which is great for relaxing and not hogging the TV for hours after the film is finished – here’s to Lord of the Rings App Editions, right?

Hopefully this will take off and we’ll see more Warner App Editions as soon as possible. It’s a great idea. It’s nice to see that a major production company has taken to the idea of using Apps to better showcase the work that goes into their films rather than selling the film at a similar price to a DVD but without all the extras. More on these as they begin to percolate through Apple’s App filter.

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