Armie Hammer and DiCaprio to play gay lovers

It’s been announced that Leornado DiCaprio‘s love interest in his next film is, wait for it…. a man.

Armie Hammer, who you may recognise from playing both Winklevoss twins in The Social Network, has been signed up to star alongside DiCaprio in Clint Eastwood‘s upcoming biopic J. Edgar.

J. Edgar Hoover, played by DiCaprio, was the first Director of the FBI in the US and had a big part in founding the FBI in 1935. He remained director there right up until his death in 1972.

However, Hoover’s life was shrouded in controversy, not just for his interesting work techniques, but also for his sexuality. Hammer will play Clyde Tolson, who was the associate director of the FBI. He was also Hoover’s protégé and rumoured love interest.

Writer of Milk, Dustin Lance Black has penned the screenplay for the intriguing story, that has made its way to the big screen a couple of times before.

Eastwood, who has brought us the likes of Million Dollar Baby and Unforgiven, is a great choice for director. Plus DiCaprio and Hammer make a rather attractive couple, don’t you think? But don’t get too excited, the official word is that there is only a bit of smooching and no bedroom scenes!

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