Arnie and Stan Lee to make “The Governator” cartoon series

Yeah, I’m not entirely sure what to say either, other than this sounds like a crazy mix-up of generic action-hero Arnie waffle and the genius of Stan Lee combined with the Terminator.

I’m not entirely sure how he went from being a muscled superman, to an actor, to the Governor of California, but Arnold Schwarzenegger has had one hell of a career, and it shows no signs of stopping. Finally embracing his “Governator” nickname, he’s joined forces with Spiderman, Fantastic Four and X-Men (to name but a few) creator Stan Lee to create a cartoon series about Arnie’s career as a super-suited crime-fighter after stepping down from his post.

There’s an “Arnie Cave”, and “super-suits”, “super vehicles” and even a 13-year old computer-whiz sidekick called Zeke Muckerberg (no prizes for guessing who that’s a parody of). Not to mention an evil organisation called Gangsters Imposers Racketeers Liars & Irredeemable Ex-Cons, or G.I.R.L.I.E. Men for short, which would appear to be a play on Arnie’s assumable opinion that everyone is less masculine than he is. Even thuggish criminals. Good Lord.

It’s… it’s an idea, definitely, and I’m not sure how it’s going to pan out, as at the moment it reads as the sort of thing Stan Lee would come up with – familiar, safe, and full of stereotypes and nothing that’s going to stimulate the sort of people who’d watch a cartoon about the ex-body-builder/robot/public-official. Unsure of how this one’s going to pan out, really, and it’s tempting to ponder if it’ll hit the cinemas (everything does, eventually).

Then again, this could just be an early April Fool’s joke, given that Entertainment Weekly broke the story as a cover feature… over the death of Liz Taylor. Odd. We’ll see. And check out the concept art below.

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