BAFTA’s Countdown to Awards Night – video

After the Golden Globes this weekend, we feel that it is an appropriate time to draw attention to the upcoming BAFTAs. For those interested in the faces of tomorrow, one of the most exciting of all the awards must be the EE Rising Star Award. If you haven’t heard of this year’s crop, we have a short video that will introduce your to the talent and the buzz around the awards.

The BAFTA Awards are always star-studded nights full of glitzy gowns, tearful award-winners and hopefully a few surprise winners. The hard work that goes into the event is probably worth highlighting, too, as I’d imagine, it must have organisational requirements capable of causing migraines across the borders of time and space.

This video in particular gives you a glimpse inside BAFTA (although if you check their events calendar and find something you like, you can actually go there yourself), a look at the EE Rising Star award, and also an insight into what a press conference looks like at half seven in the morning. Those poor journalists. They’ll be cranking out news stories in a daze moments after the conference.

Regardless, the video is down below, so feel free to watch, and of course don’t forget to tune in for the actual awards night itself, which takes place on the 16th of February. Read the BAFTA Award nominations here.

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