Battle: LA dominating US box office

Battle: Los Angeles has crushed the opposition at the box office, proving if there’s one thing the American film-going crowd love to see, it’s L.A. getting completely trashed.

For those who are finding the endless remakes boring, and the casting of terrible actors infuriating, salvation is yours, at last. Around two hours of watching film stars (in character, sadly) run around a decimated Los Angeles fighting seemingly omnipotent alien hordes can be yours for the price of a cinema ticket.

And this is certainly a concept that appeals to the US film-fan lot, as they’ve rushed into the screens in droves to check out the alien end-of-the-world film. Taking $36m in its opening weekend, it beat back Johnny Depp creature feature Rango and the retooled Red Riding Hood into second and third place, respectively.

If you’ve not seen it yet, but you enjoyed District 9 and Cloverfield‘s use of hand-cam and high-quality CGI, then Battle: Los Angeles might just be the film for you. So check it out, and let us know what you think.

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