Ben Whishaw to play Q in new Bondie

Most of the cast of the next Bond film, Skyfall has been revealed for a while now, but there had been increasing speculation over whether the gadget expert Q would even return. Now, Ben Whishaw’s agent has confirmed that he will play Q alongside Daniel Craig.

The character, who was last played by John Cleese in Die Another Day with Pierce Brosnan, has been coveted by other actors. Stephen Merchant recently mentioned that he would like to play the head of the Q branch of the British Secret Service, but it looks like he has been pipped to the post by Whishaw.

Whishaw first rose to fame for his role in the West End production of Hamlet, having just come out of drama school. He has since been in many film and theatre productions, including the pre-World War II film Bridesmaid Revisited and he represented an aspect of Bob Dylan in I’m Not There. He also played Romantic poet John Keats in Bright Star and his Q is said to be a lot more serious than the previous portrayals of the character.

This new seriousness is certainly a trend that has been developing in the Bond films of recent years. However, their atmosphere has been developed over a period of many years and there are sure to be a lot of fans who do not want to see it change. On the other hand, there is a definite need for the franchise to move with the times, and this casting of the youngest ever Q is a clear sign of this. We will see how the youthful thespian fares, when Skyfall comes out on 26th October, 2012.

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