Benjamin Walker is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Benjamin Walker has, as of this morning, landed the best acting job in 2011. He gets to play the President of the United States who moonlights as a vampire hunter. We’re not joking.

There are no ideal words to express how Walker (Flags of our Fathers, Kinsey, The War Boys and soon to play Hank McCoy aka Beast in X-Men: First Class) must be feeling right now. I’d imagine the first emotion that comes to mind is sheer victory. The book, an extremely popular take on Abe’s years as the 16th POTUS (President Of The United States), has been running through Hollywood as a new project for some months now, and to see it acquire an actor is exciting.

Admittedly, Walker might need a few prosthetics – even a complete rubber mask, given that Lincoln’s large ears, leathery skin and mile-high cheekbones are such a distance away from the former President. It’s astonishing that they’ve chosen someone who looks so different, but the addition of the stovepipe hat and chinstrap beard should go some way to switching him up.

As a British film site, we’re no gung-ho American patriots, but we’ll be damned if we won’t be rooting for the man when he hits the silver screen, dispatching the blood-hungry with an axe while still running the fledgling nation. So, so much more on this as it comes.

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