Bollywood does Bin Laden

Take a Bollywood comedy and add the world’s most wanted terrorist and what do you get? The unique movie experience that is Tere Bin Laden.

Poster for Tere Bin Laden

Released today, Tere Bin Laden tells the tale of Ali Hassan, an ambitious young reporter who is desperate to emigrate to the USA to live the American dream. But time after time his visa application is turned down.

Finally, when Ali meets an Osama Bin Laden look-a-like he comes up with a ruse to make fake videos of the elusive terrorist. This will give him a fabulous scoop and then that precious job in the US.

The scheme doesn’t go according to plan and soon he’s up to his neck in trouble with the secret services on his tail and President personally involved.

Made in Mumbai (or Bombay) and set in Pakistan, the film stars the Pakistani model and singer Ali Zafar in his first foray into the movies.

The Tere Bin Laden is definitely played for laughs, and contains some satirical swipes at the expense of the heavy handed US foreign policy makers, intelligence agencies and immigration authorities, as well as Bin Laden and his own ludicrous set up.

The title uses a Hindi pun on the word ‘bin’, which means ‘son of’ in Arabic and ‘without’ in Hindi. So, Tere Bin Laden means roughly ‘Without You, Laden’ in Hindi.

Bollywood is no stranger to these topics and has already made Taliban: The Musical.

One wonders what will be made of it in Afghanistan, where Bollywood movies are very popular but were banned by the Taliban.

Here’s a clip of the big song which looks a hoot:

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