The Bourne Legacy trailer is here and it’s bad-ass

When we think of the Bourne films, we think Matt Damon in all his fighting glory. However, there’s a new man on the block now, in the form of Jeremy Renner and by the looks of the trailer we had better prepare ourselves for some serious action.

Renner, who plays Hawkeye in the upcoming Avengers film, will take the place of Damon as the lead character, however he will not be playing Jason Bourne. He will be a character called Aaron Cross, who is apparently just out of black-ops training and entering the murkier side of the secret service. He is described as “Treadstone without the inconsistency”, which basically implies that he will be loyal to the shadowy Treadstone organisation and will not have the memory loss issues that we saw with Jason Bourne.

Will he be even more terrifying to the bad guys? That is very likely. When we first heard that Matt Damon would not be returning as Bourne, we did feel slightly sceptical as to whether or not the franchise would be able to stay afloat without him. However, it looks as though the writers have taken a slightly different direction with this one, not simply placing Renner in Damon’s shoes and hoping the audience doesn’t notice the difference – which we are glad about. Hopefully this film will explore more of the world that was originally created by Robert Ludlum in the Jason Bourne novels.

The Bourne Legacy will see Joan Allen return to her role as CIA Deputy Director Pamela Landy, so that at least will give it some continuity with the previous Bourne outings. However, there are a few new faces, including Rachel Weisz who will play a character called Marta.

Being directed by Tony Gilroy, who has been involved in all the previous Bourne films, we are sure that there will be some continuity between the old ones and this new adventure. However, we are also excited to see new elements brought to light regarding the Bourne world and to see Renner no doubt running slap-bang into the middle of the action. We’ll see how it goes

It’s out on 17th August this year, so check out the trailer below and “welcome to the program”.

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