Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie up for a Mr & Mrs Smith sequel?

Considering this report comes from the oracle of truth that is the National Enquirer, it must be fact – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are onboard for a follow up to the very film that brought them together in 2005, Mr & Mrs Smith.

According to the magazine, Brangelina have spoken to Simon Kinberg, who wrote the original movie’s script, about a sequel, which they’d like to focus on the married characters’ new life with children.

“They’re hoping lightning will strike twice and they can re-spark the magnetism that captivated them five years ago,” a source says. “[Kinberg] became a close friend of the couple, and Brad’s asked him to write the Mr & Mrs Smith sequel… This time around the Smiths will have children, and the kids’ antics will be part of the story line.”

Hmmm, a third installment of Cheaper by the Dozen would probably be more apt for the pair, but what surprises me most is the fact that they’re still friends with the scriptwriter after the bomb that was the original Mr & Mrs Smith

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