Brad Pitt confirmed for World War Z

Zombie apocalypses and Brad Pitt? Well, if you asked most women he’s probably on their lists of humans to survive! Just as well, as he’s playing the lead in the novel-inspired zombie flick World War Z.

Yep, don’t worry – there are endless announcements of  adaptations. But they contain of the best characters and narratives you’re going to see, especially when you compare them to some of the dross that turns up each and every summer, so stick with it, guys.

World War Z is a horror novel proposed as an “oral history of the Zombie War” that recounts the conflict from a variety of perspectives. In a rather different vein to the likes of Dawn of the Dead, and closer to the military-response subtext of 28 Days Later, it’s a tale of survival and war against the undead on an enjoyably (and, some would argue, reassuringly) American scale.

Originally inspired by The Good War, an oral history of WWII, it covers issues like governmental failings and the American “just us” attitude. Dark, social commentary in abundance then, but personally I’ll take the BP oil spill over zombies any day!

So, Brad Pitt? He’s not the most rugged of men, though many who saw his recent facial hair agenda would beg to differ. He’s certainly a talented actor, but it remains to be seen who he’ll play, given the global scale of the story itself. Nazis, then zombies, Brad? Anyone would think you’d been playing too much Call of Duty!

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