Stop press: Brad Pitt shaves of his goatee beard at last

Panic over everyone, Brad Pitt has finally shaven off his scraggly beard and has returned to his former glory.

Yes Angelina we would look smug too

Attending the LA screening of his new movie The Tree of Life, which won the Palme D’Or at this year’s Cannes, Pitt was seen sans beard, making him look years younger.

Jolie also attended the screening instead of the New York première of her own film Kung Fu Panda II. She seemed as happy as the rest of us with his new look, which could possibly include a change of hair colour too. What do you think, has Brad hit the bottle?

Jolie has said in the past that she took the role in the animated film for the sake of her children and it appears Pitt is also picking film roles with the brood in mind, he said:

“Becoming a father certainly changed the way I choose films because I’m very aware they are going to see them one day. I want them to be proud of their dad in the end, when they grow up and figure out what we actually do for a living.”

Taking on the role of a strict father to three sons in 1950s suburbia has also got him thinking about his other important role in life, being a father to six children.

“It’s so obvious to me that when I come home my kids are aware of everything that’s going on. So it’s quite important for me not to put my frustrations on them or bring them to the door. In the film it’s the exact opposite of that.

“It’s a very sad man who feels embittered by his situation, doesn’t feel like he’s able to get ahead, always feels like he’s on the losing end and feels quite oppressed by his surroundings and predicament.”

So there you have it. Pitt really is a family man. Anyway, if you’re planning on watching The Tree of Life or Kung Fu Panda II, you can be safe in the knowledge that Pitt no longer has that horrendous beard/ goatee thing.

To watch the trailer for The Tree of Life click here and if you want to read about last time Pitt shaved of his beard take a look at this.

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