Brave to premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival

It is a highly anticipated film, especially among those with ties to the magical land of the Scottish Highlands. Finally, the date has been announced when Princess Merida and co. will be released upon the public in a shower of red hair and Scottish accents, and what better place to do this than at the 66th Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF).

The announcement comes from First Minister Alex Salmond and Artistic Director of EIFF, Chris Fujiwara, that Brave will premiere on the closing night of the festival on 30th June. It will take place at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre, complete with red carpet, stars and filmmakers, all eager to be absorbed into the atmosphere of the newest Disney-Pixar adventure.

In his speech during VisitScotland’s Winning Years Conference, Mr. Salmond said that “Brave will be the most high-profile film ever set in, and themed around, Scotland, featuring Scottish stars”, while Mr. Fujiwara voiced his intention to remain “mindful that we have a special responsibility to Scotland’s cinematic image. It makes perfect sense that this film, which is so strongly tied to the cultural mythology of Scotland and the beauty of the Scottish landscape, and in which Scottish talent has such a significant involvement, should be part of our festival.”

This comes just days after VisitScotland announced that they are teaming up with Disney-Pixar in a campaign to promote Scottish tourism across the world. The country has already seen an economic boost from the filming of World War Z in Glasgow, as well as many others throughout the country. Basically this means that we will be seeing a lot more of Scotland in the future, as the country shows that rather like a dram o’ whiskey, it may be small, but it can certainly entertain.

For more information about the upcoming Scotland-centred animation, check out our article here, and the trailer here. Brave will reach UK cinemas in August this year, and the EIFF will be going on from 20 June – 1 July 2012. Get ready for an explosion of Scottishness!

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