Brave trailer now online

If you’re curious about Pixar’s latest project, Brave, then you’ll be excited to know that a rather intriguing trailer has been released.

Brave is a somewhat different animal to what has come before. It has a Scottish protagonist, it had a female director (before she was removed, a move which is causing waves of bad PR as Pixar are still relatively tight-lipped about it), and it’s fairly dark from the outset.

The trailer is definitely intriguing, and it’ll be great to see a Pixar film with such an original lead role, especially given that fans have already noted that the company has a penchant for strong females.

At the moment, the story goes something like this. Merida, youngling, princess, and a brave warrior, rebels against tradition and causes uproar within the lands of the north. However, in true The Little Mermaid fashion, she turns to a witch for assistance – a move that has a price more dear than Merida realises.

Honestly, this sounds like epic fantasy, and I can’t wait to see it. The trailer’s below, and we’ll have more for you as time goes on.

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