Bret McKenzie to star in The Hobbit

Too many Hobbits on the dance floor! Too-many-Hobbits! Yep, after his appearance in Lord of the Rings, Flight of the Conchords star Bret “Brit” McKenzie is appearing in The Hobbit.

Now, for those of you who weren’t aware of his appearance in The Lord of the Rings, he manifested briefly as an unnamed Elf, who was subsequently dubbed “Figwit” (Frodo is Great… Who is That?). It’s hard to recognise him at first, simply because he’s minus a beard.

This time around, he’s playing what could be a speaking role – that of Elven composer Lindir, an audience member at one of Bilbo’s many poetry recitals. Yes, this film may include poetry recitals, in case you were worried that Lord of the Rings wasn’t “high fantasy” enough for you, despite Pippin’s “Steward of Gondor” number in Return of the King.

I’m glad McKenzie’s found a place in the film, though it still doesn’t quite match his Conchords counterpart Jemaine Clement’s starring role as the villain in Men In Black III. For Figwit fans, there’s only the hope that the elf-like face of McKenzie will match up to the legacy spawned by his Figwit appearance.

Ah, so many good things about this film, it’s hard to consider them all at once. More on The Hobbit as it appears (and it will, mark my words).

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