Brian May: Ben Whishaw is keen to play Freddie Mercury

Brian May, the Queen guitarist has expressed his interest in Ben Whishaw portraying Freddie Mercury in the forthcoming biopic about the singer’s life. And apparently Mr Whishaw is ‘very keen’ to give the project a go.

Ben Whishaw to play Freddie?

He’s perhaps not the first person we would have thought of to play such an iconic legend like Freddie Mercury, that would be Sacha Baron Cohen who was originally attached to the project. However, Cohen withdrew from the project last month, citing creative differences with Queen as the reason. May himself says that the surviving members of the band were concerned he would be too much himself and not at all like Freddie.

“I think that he would have been very distracting,” said May. “That’s the conclusion we came to.”

Even with Sacha Baron Cohen out of the picture though, Ben Whishaw still wasn’t the first name that popped into our heads. He doesn’t exactly have the physique, however, he does have some very skilled acting chops on him and easily immerses himself in a new persona, so we’re optimistic that if this comes to be, Ben Whishaw will astound us.

Brian May certainly thinks he will: “We’ve been talking to Ben and we’re very keen and last time we spoke he was very keen,” he explained. “Casting Freddie is hard. It’s a lot of things we need, but we need to get his essence.”

You’re not kidding there. Fans of the late talent will be very critical of the eventual lead performer’s take on the singer. If the casting is bad, the film will suffer severely.

Do you think Ben Whishaw would make a good Freddie Mercury? Do you even know who he is? Tell us your thoughts.

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