Bruckheimer gives us a sneak peek at Captain Jack Sparrow

Fans of the epic Pirates of the Caribbean movies will be most excited to see the new image of Captain Jack Sparrow that director Jerry Bruckheimer has been kind enough to release to the public.

The picture was revealed by Bruckheimer via his Twitter account and shows the captain on a beach by himself (this is becoming a pattern for Depp’s pirate anti-hero, dontcha think?). It’s certainly intriguing.

The one positive side to it is that it’s a fair certainty we’re doing to see the same range of swashbuckling and banter from the cocky captain this time around, too.

If anything, it’s definitely a sign that the franchise has no wish to stop at a fourth film, as the money and punters keep rolling in.

The film franchise hauls in the hundreds of millions on average in its opening weeks at the box office, and with the arrival of mass-available Blu-Ray on release alongside the DVDs, it’s a sure-fire formula for success.

The films have often been a tad let down by the wooden acting of the other two leading roles (Knightley and Bloom).

We all know we go to see it for Depp rather than any of his colleagues. The man’s acting skills know no bounds, and after a rather hairy situation in pre-production in reference to his appearance in the film, the image serves as calming evidence to the contrary. The image is below, at full size.

Now, all together: YARR!

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