Bula Quo: Are you a Guitar Hero?

‘It started with guitars… and ended with guns!’ reads the tagline for Status Quo’s new movie. Yes, that Status Quo. Opening in theatres this July, and directed by Stuart St. Paul, Bula Quo is a fun-filled adventure comedy with Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt (aka Status Quo) is set to delight fans of the band.

Bula Quo Guitar Hero is here!

The film co-stars Jon Lovitz, Laura Aikman and Craig Fairbrass, and goes a little like this:

Rocking all over the world, Status Quo get into a spot of bother when they witness a gang murder in Fiji. Having grabbed evidence from the scene of the murder and created a commotion on the way out, Wilson (Lovitz) sets down orders to bring their heads back on a platter. It’s up to their manager Simon (Fairbrass) and a cheeky intern named Caroline (Aikman) to keep the press in the dark and protect them.

Expect speed boats, jet skis, golf carts and any other equipment a good action movie needs nowadays. And to make the wait for its release a little more bearable, you can play Bula Quo Guitar Hero on the official website.

Anyone familiar with Guitar Hero will know how the game goes. There are certain notes you have to hit to score points. On easy mode, the 1 to 4 keys represent the notes. Press the note down for the duration specified and hold the Return key with it.

This writer only scored a measly 110 on her first go, which is a long way behind the top scorers on the Leader Board who have over 50,000 points. Better get practising. Give it a try!

Go to The Bula Quo Site to play the game!


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