He was frozen, for fifty years. He awoke, to save a nation. He fought the breach of hero rights in Civil War. Now, Captain America is… updating his pics on Facebook.

Yeah, don’t worry, heroes are still in comic books, although Drunk Hulk is definitely a fairly cult name on Twitter with almost 75,000 followers. Captain America: The First Avenger is a huge comic book film release, however, as it’s the beginning of The Avengers, the superhero supergroup comprised of some of Marvel’s biggest icons.

The Avengers, directed by one Joss Whedon, will star a range of A-list actors, in addition to the most recently cast Mark Ruffalo, as The Incredible Hulk. Films like Captain America are the lead-in to this, to introduce a largely non-geeky audience to a range of characters they’ll need to know a fair bit about before the lot of them go gallavanting off to save Earth (or this version of Earth – Marvel tends to use infinite different versions of Earth to justify it being destroyed, changed, or forming the setting for, say, a dead character).

There’s a lot of media heading our way, but for now, we’ve been offered a fair few images of Captain America himself, played by the talented Chris Evans. Bit of an odd choice considering he already plays Johnny Storm, a.k.a. The Human Torch – another Marvel character. Better hope there’s no mash-up film! I mean, apart from the Avengers. Oh boy, comic overload. Enjoy the images!

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