Catfish pair to take charge of Paranormal 3

WooOOoOOOoooOOooo… yeah, Paranormal films are big money, and who better to helm them than the genius duo that brought us the Facebook-focused docu-thriller Catfish?

Not quite a Canon D5, but it'll do, right?If you were lucky enough to go and see Catfish (if not, read our review and go and see it, already), it came during the wave of Facebook madness (film-wise, it exists elsewhere all the time) caused by The Social Network. It was a brilliant bit of filmmaking, and the two fellows responsible – Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman – are now being given the job of bringing Paranormal 3 to cinemas.

Presumably involving more screaming, night-vision and people being dragged around by invisible monsters, it’ll be a great opportunity for the pair to put their subtly chilling approach to work in a medium that’s more about “boo!” and less about “what was that noise?”, if you get what I mean.

Releasing to audiences in October this year, it’ll be a good way of seeing whether or not it’s worth keeping an eye on these two after their controversial debut hit (due to the questioning of its authenticity). Until then, keep watching, and we’ll have more for you as this progresses.

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