The Change-Up trailer, starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman

The first trailer for The Change-Up, starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman, has been released.

It’s been a while since there’s been a good body-swap comedy (a year, maybe two), so it’s good news to hear that this one is well and truly on its way – and, this time, it’s one for the guys.

From the writers of The Hangover, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, comes this story of two best friends whose lives have gone in very different directions as they’ve grown older. Bateman plays Dave, a well-paid lawyer who is happily married to his wife Jamie (played by Leslie Mann, who has some experience in these things, having starred in 2009 body-swap, 17 Again).

He’s the envy of his best friend, Mitch (Reynolds), who loves the idea of family life, despite making the most of being young, free and single. Cue body-swapping hilarity, as both learn to be careful just what they wish for (we imagine).

The film also stars Tron: Legacy‘s Olivia Wilde and veteran actor Alan Arkin.

With direction from the man behind Wedding Crashers, David Dobkin, this slightly ridiculous premise might just be one to watch this summer.

The Change-Up is due to be released in the UK on 26th August. Check out the trailer below:

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The Change-Up trailer, starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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