Chris Evans replacing James Franco on The Iceman

If you’re keen to see The Iceman: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer, you might be interested to know that Franco has dropped out, only to be replaced by a mister Chris Evans.

As the brutal hit-man movie, Iceman rolls onwards towards production, there have been some really interesting announcements. Recently, Friends star David Schwimmer was cast in another lead role, and although that’s certainly a talking point, the fact that James Franco is walking away from one of his many projects and Evans is taking his place is another.

Evans (no, not the cheeky carrot-topped radio and TV personality) has a somewhat geeky film cred, with Captain America, The Avengers, Scott Pilgrim and Fantastic Four all sitting proud on his curriculum vitae. He does however do the odd serious, more emotionally-driven film, such as Sunshine, and the role he’s picking up for Iceman is in that vein. Evans plays Robert Pronge, the mentor who taught Richard Kuklinski, the murderous mafia assassin known as the Iceman.

With Michael Shannon playing the Iceman, Ray Liotta taking up the role of mob boss Roy Demeo, it’s shaping up to be something of a memorable flick. We’ll keep you informed as it develops.

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