Christian Bale almost put-off working on Termination Salvation because of McG's lack of Christian name

Out of everyone, you’d think that Christian ‘Bale-out’ would know not to judge someone on a nickname. However, the actor has confessed that he was dubious about working with director McG in Terminator Salvation because he was suspicious of his odd one-word moniker.

“There’s a hurdle for starters, working with somebody called McG. And listen he’s the first to admit that,” Bale said of the director who was christened Joseph McGinty Nichol.

“He’s a great man who’s happy to call himself McG because he got a hurdle right from the get-go with that. I was a real sceptic. I just felt like there was no need for any more chapters in this anthology, but he had some great ideas. He asked me to take a leap of faith… and I think he’s managed to pull it off.”

Trust Christian Bale to be getting in a tiz over McG bailing on his Christian name.

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